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Newsletter – April 2021

Way back in February 2020, before all of the COVID-19 chaos, I hired Davey Morgan Photography to take photos of the Marshall Orthodontics office...

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Newsletter – January 2021

When people ask me to share a fun or surprising fact about myself, one of the things I like to throw out is that I’ve played basketball with Kevin Garnett.

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Newsletter – September 2020

Can you believe that it’s almost the holiday season already? In some ways, 2020 has seemed like the longest year ever, but it also feels like it has gone by at lightning speed. It’s crazy to think that Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner.

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Newsletter – February 2020

If you haven't already heard, my team and I have cooked up a truly fun, knock–your–socks–off contest to kick off 2020: Dr. Marshall's Got Talent. It's pretty much exactly what it sounds like, but instead of accepting a range of talents, we're inviting patients like...

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Newsletter – January 2020

Marshall Orthodontics Have you ever made a New Year's resolution to lose a bit of weight, give up dessert, or go to the gym three times a week, only to give up on it before January ended? You're not alone! I've been there, and so have most Americans. In fact,...

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