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things you should know before choosing your simpsonville sc orthodontist
Top 10 Things To Know
Before Choosing Your Orthodontist

You should feel confident when choosing your Simpsonville, SC, orthodontist for yourself or your family. To help you make an informed decision, Dr. Marshall has written this free report: "The Top Ten Things To Know Before Choosing Your Orthodontist." If you are searching for the most qualified and caring Simpsonville, SC, orthodontist for yourself or your loved ones, you are in the right place at Marshall Orthodontics!

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how to give your child a confident smile with braces
How To Give Your Child A Beautiful &
Confident Smile Guaranteed For Life Without Breaking The Bank

Deciding to get your child braces may be one of the
most important decisions you make for them in their
lives & they will be forever thankful! We know this is a big milestone for both you and your child, which is why Dr. Marshall wrote this free report to help you determine when your child should be evaluated for braces, as well as tips on how to afford braces.

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5-Star-Rated Simpsonville, SC, Orthodontist For Braces & Invisalign

Achieve A Beautiful Smile With Our Flexible Payment Options Backed By Our 100% Lifetime Guarantee! Call Dr. Marshall & Marshall Orthodontics Of Simpsonville, South Carolina & Get Started Today!

Dear Friend,

Welcome to our home on the internet, and thank you for taking the time to visit with us as you begin the exciting journey to your straightest and brightest smile! Orthodontic treatment is positively life-changing for millions of children and adults every year, and I am truly privileged to be part of the experience by serving those in my hometown of Simpsonville, SC and the surrounding areas. I would love to share more of my story and give you some insight into my journey (click here), but before choosing an orthodontist or orthodontic office to partner with, it is important to learn as much as you can about what makes that orthodontist, that office, and that wonderful team behind the scenes tick? What is their common purpose? How do they fulfill that purpose? And finally, how does the service they provide support that purpose? Please allow me to share!

After working with thousands of patients in 6 different orthodontic offices, I've learned that most people seeking orthodontic treatment are not just looking for straight and healthy teeth to last a lifetime with a bite that fits and functions properly. And they're not ONLY looking for a great smile. Deep down, I believe people are looking for a positive change, a grand transformation, more self-confidence, and improved self-esteem to go along with those other great benefits of orthodontic treatment. We all want to feel great, feel great about ourselves, AND feel great about the way we look. It just so happens that a big part of this is loving our smile when we look at pictures or even in the mirror!

With this in mind, what is our purpose at Marshall Orthodontics? What do we believe in? These are important questions! Stated succinctly, in everything we do at Marshall Orthodontics, our purpose is to positively impact and transform the lives of our patients. We don't JUST straighten teeth or close those bothersome gaps. It's much more than that! Digging deeper, we believe that the positive impact and transformation comes from two things in our office - first by creating beautiful smiles that make people FEEL GREAT about themselves, and second by building others up at every opportunity (this one is just as important!).

Many people in Simpsonville, SC and the surrounding areas come to us because of teeth that are crooked or gaps that are unsightly, but the real reason they seek us out is not because of these imperfections, themselves. It's because of the way these imperfections make them feel. They don't feel great when they look in the mirror and see a space that has opened up between their front two teeth. They don't feel great when they see a picture on Instagram or Facebook that highlights that one tooth that is turned sideways and sticking out. Our goal here is not simply to move teeth into a better position, but to make these movements (large or small) with the expressed purpose of helping the person behind the teeth feel great about themselves! And as we are walking each patient through each step of getting that spectacular smile, our desire is for them to be excited about and enjoy the process. Just as life is often as much about the journey as it is about the destination, so is orthodontic treatment! With that said, an important part of positively impacting the lives of our patients is striving to make each person's visit with us the very best part of their day. We want them to leave knowing and feeling that they are valued, listed to, and cared for - not just on their initial visit - but at each and every visit.

And how about our service? How does it support our purpose? Providing individualized orthodontic care to patients of all ages through braces, Invisalign, early treatment, and surgical orthodontics is our specialty and something we take very seriously, but it is the service behind the purpose. Orthodontic treatment helps us fulfill our purpose because it is the tool we use to straighten that tooth, close that space, create that beautiful smile, and help people feel great ... but it is not the purpose itself. If our reason for existence was simply to provide orthodontic treatment and straighten teeth, we would be ignoring the person behind the smile. We would be ignoring their reasons for choosing orthodontic treatment and ignoring what someone is truly looking for when they commit to braces or Invisalign. This is the importance of remembering our purpose - to ensure that we always consider the whole individual and not just their teeth as we walk with them on their life-changing journey to a brand new smile!

Thank you for reading, and I hope this has given you a little more insight into our office and one of the many things that makes us just a little bit different in the world of orthodontics, braces, and straight teeth. If you'd like to learn a bit more about our orthodontic treatment philosophy, click here. But if you're ready to learn more about options to straighten your teeth and transform your smile, a complimentary Marshall Orthodontics Consultation is the easiest way to find out. We promise to take the time to discover your goals and then work with you to develop the best plan to achieve them in a way that is affordable for you and your family!

To your new, beautiful smile,

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PS - When you're ready, I invite you to click here or call 864.336.2965 to schedule your free Marshall Orthodontics Consultation. This visit will include a complete exam, x-rays, pictures, an office tour, and a comprehensive treatment consultation – a $250 value, yours free!

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Your 5-Star-Rated Simpsonsville, SC, Orthodontist
For Braces & Invisalign
“Dr. Marshall is an excellent professional!He and his staff are very friendly ! I felt very welcomed! Beautiful and well located office!”
- Cecilia F.
best simpsonville sc orthodontists
“Marshall Orthodontics is hands down the best in the Upstate!! My son went in for a consultation and we were treated like royalty.”
- Twana S.
best simpsonville sc orthodontists
“Love Dr. Marshall and his staff! They have went out of their way to take care of my daughter thru this process. I would highly recommend their office to anyone.”
- Brandi H.
best simpsonville sc orthodontists
“Dr. Marshall and his team are such a wonderful group of people. Dr. Marshall’s attention to detail and willingness to address each and every concern is so refreshing! Beth and the other assistants in the office make every visit enjoyable. You couldn’t find a better orthodontist!”
- Jamie H.
best simpsonville sc orthodontists
“We were new to the area and were trying to find a good orthodontist. We ended up finding an amazing orthodontist! Dr. Marshall and his staff have excellent service both from a customer standpoint and Dental care! We would highly recommend him!”
- Me M.
best simpsonville sc orthodontists
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